About Us

About Us

We envision a world where there is plenty of positive African Animation for all to enjoy.

Our mission is to develop quality African Animation products that have high moral and entertainment value.

We started a while back, operating under the name RECON-KE from 2004 to 2009 after which we changed our name to RECON-Digital. Meeting the needs of advertising agencies and their clients by supplying quality digital animation content has been our mainstay. Over the years we are grateful to have served the likes of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), UNICEF, NTV, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), the Coca Cola Company, Telkom-Orange Kenya, Eveready Kenya, Sara Lee, Coopers Kenya LTD, Kenyan-Heart National Foundation, Tripleoklaw Advocates LLP, STANLIB Kenya, AIM (Africa Inland Mission) among others.

The growing list of satisfied clients speaks of our ability to deliver animated digital content to the exacting requirements of local and multinational corporations. In all our work we strive to remain committed to meeting deadlines while maintaining very high quality standards.

Going forward we aim to increasingly focus our efforts towards the creation of original, story driven African Animation. We pray that God will grant us success in this endeavour.