Sweden Hosts African Animation Showcase

Visiting Sweden was a fantastic experience! The film festival was superbly organized and allowed for a healthy cultural exchange around African film. Mark Kaigwa headed the group of African animators whose films were to make up part of a special African Animation showcase during the 2011 edition of the CinemAfrica film festival. Mark also did a great job curating and presenting “75 Years of African Animated Films” at the festival.

The festival’s outstanding organizing team, led by Sandra Olivegren, took great care of us and for their Swedish hospitality I say, “Asante Sana!” (thank you very much). While in Stockholm we were treated to a lovely lunch at the Kenya Ambassador’s residence, courtesy of the Kenya Ambassador to Sweden Her Excellency Purity Muhindi. For that kindness I say to our gracious hostess and her staff, “Tack så mycket” (thank you very much).

This really was an opportunity to bring African Animation to the world.

Special thanks to Mark Kaigwa. You can read more about the experience on Mark Kaigwa’s post here.

RECON-Digital. Bringing African Animation to the World.

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